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Bromar Peak ITS

‘Concept to Completion’



For over 40 years Bromarpeak ITS have been working with clients and their designers to optimise the working space available. Our experience extends to all business sectors including commercial offices, retail, education, health and numerous public and local authority buildings.


Our reputation has been developed by offering the highest quality materials combined with a dedicated team of highly skilled craftsmen. Each project that we undertake has a contracts director who takes responsibility for liaising with our clients to ensure that our clients’ vision is realised. This approach has proven successful over many years as it gives our clients one point of contact who takes responsibility from concept to completion.


After Sales/Maintenance


Our loyalty to clients does not cease on completion of a project. Property maintenance is an on-going requirement for most businesses and Bromarpeak ITS have a proud record of continuing to support clients long after completion of the initial project.

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